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Question for my atheist friends...


Question for my atheist friends...

Wouldn't you agree that in the beginning the universe could NOT have both existed and not existed at the same time in the same relationship?

You see this demonstrates that the laws of logic, specifically the laws of non-contradiction and identity are eternal. Because they are at work before the creation of time, space, and matter. ONLY an eternal LAWGIVER can be the source of eternal LAWS.

God is the eternal, all-powerful, creator, LAWGIVER!! … HE alone is the justification for truth and logic…



Earth's Rotation & Planetary Craters

The Earth rotates too fast for it to be old. The Earth's rotation is slowing down. Centrifugal force quadruples when the rotation rate doubles. 400 million years ago, the day would be only 22 hours long. If we go back billions of years, we would be thrown off! Most craters on moons/planets are secondary. Secondary craters are those formed from the debris of an initial impact. If a sufficiently massive body hits a planet or moon, the debris tossed upward will contain many pieces big enough to fall back and form more craters. One writer in Nature estimated that a single large impact on Mars could generate ten million secondaries, and that 95% of the small craters on Europa could be from fallback debris. "125 planetary scientists 'deadlocked' ... with many doubting that crater counts have anything to do with telling time. Geological dates inferred from the method could be off by orders of magnitude." Science, May 26, 2006.

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