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Recently I was asked a few questions on a video I made on homosexuality below are my answers...

Q. What the hell gives you the right to tell me what to do?

A. What makes you think I am telling you what to do? Not me but God! God's Word says that homosexuality is a sin.

Statement: Stick to bible group and stop trying to force your views onto others.. I'm sick of it... dont't reply to this, I've had just about enough of you quite frankly.

Response: I'm not forcing my views on anyone I'm simply preaching the good news of the Gospel. Speaking God's word to those who desperately need to hear it.

Statement: Clearly you are not comfortable in your own sexuality seeing as you're making such an utter scene you `fool.

Response: Clearly this is nothing but an ad hominem attack.

Your problem is that you do not understand the one who created us, designed sexual behavior to be enjoyed in a specific way. And that way is between one man and one woman who are loving and committed to each other and loving and committed to their children.

Anything outside of this design is a perversion.

Have a Blessed Day!

The Christian Hillbilly

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